Monday, July 23, 2012

Harmony Gelish Shake It Til You Samba, Vegas Nights & Tumberline Violet

Today I wanted to share with you the gels that I wore on my vacation (& some exciting news!). I actually wore these babies for a full 2 weeks and they stayed on perfectly! I have posted a bit about my gels before, if you are unfamiliar with gel polish I put a descriptive post up a few months ago, here. This is two coats of Harmony Gelish Shake It Til You Samba, followed by a coat on half of my nail of Harmony Gelish Vegas Nights. Finally on the top half of my nail again, I put a coat of Harmony Gelish Tumberline Violet. I had a little bit if a struggle placing the glitters in Tumberline Violet. I would have preferred it to have a lot more glitter and application would have been a lot easier. Either way, it's a very pretty color and I liked this combination a lot. I actually wasn't sick of it after 2 weeks, but I had a lot of growth - it was time to remove it.

So, now for my exciting news! I waited to tell you in this post, because this is the polish I had on my nails when it happened! When I was on vacation in Jamaica with my boyfriend, my family, and his family - he proposed! I was floored and completely taken by surprise! It was completely unexpected, because we are both still in school and had always talked about waiting until after we graduated this Fall before we thought about marriage! We've been together for 5 years now, and I couldn't be happier! I just had to share with you all! But of course, you need to see pics of the ring, right?! It's perfect and I love it! Check it out and thanks for looking :)

PS - The color of the Gelish in these below pictures is much more accurate to real life.

Oh - I gave my sister Kaity, my friend Julie & my Mom all gels for the trip as well. :) The coral color is Harmony Gelish Tiger Blossom on the top two hands. Julie has an accent with stripes I added using Harmony Gelish Sleek White and a thin striping brush. The bottom are my own, and on the right is Shake It Til You Samba with an accent of Harmony Gelish The Great Googly-Moogly.

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