My Nail Art

Hi there! If you've taken a look at my blog, you may already know that nail art is a big love of mine (it has been since I was young!), and I love finding inspiration from other amazing and talented ladies. It's always fun to see what others have done, so I figured you may find it helpful to see all of my nail art in one place. The most recent manis are first, moving down towards when I first started my blog. It's funny seeing these all together, it really shows me how much my photography, hand pose, and skill level has changed since starting this blog in October 2011!
This tab as an on-going collection of my nail art. This includes anything including dotting tools, sponging, stamping, glitter tips, rhinestones, and many other techniques (pretty much anything other than plain or layered nails). If you click on any of the photos below, it should re-direct you to that post, giving information on the techniques and the polishes I used.
I have also created a Pinterest account for No Nekkid Nails, another easy way to view all of my nail art and my nail polish swatches. You can click the button on the right of this page --------->
to go directly to my Pinterest page. I have all my polish swatches in one pin board, and all of my nail art in another, along with lots of inspiration from others. Hope you enjoy!

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