Saturday, June 23, 2012

Color Club Metamorphosis and Love and Beauty Blue Turtle Stamp

I did this mani because my boyfriend came home from Best Buy over the weekend with this little set of an "As Seen On TV" stamping kit, and told me "I thought you might want this in case you didn't have these stamps" - Lol! Of course I want them! It was too sweet, but anyway - I was checking them out and there was a cute little turtle on one of the plates that I really wanted to use!

The name brand on these was Salon Express and the plates were pretty good but the scraper that came with it was really awful and didn't cleanly scrape off the polish. After the scraper failed I decided I wasn't even going to attempt the stamper it came with and just used one of my trusty Konad stampers. To do this mani I started with three coats of a Forever 21 Love & Beauty Polish, called Blue/Multi, with a coat of Seche Vite on top - gotta love those descriptive names! This is a really nice polish that is very shear, I needed all 3 coats. It flashed a light pretty gold at different angles. I tried to capture the shift in these two pictures a bit.

Then I wanted to make it look a little bit like an underwater scheme and sponged my nails using a faux sea sponge with Color Club Metamorphosis, below. Metamorphosis looks more turquoise/blue green in real life.

Finally I stamped a turtle and a sea horse from the Salon Express stamping kit using Konad Special Polish in Black. These plates aren't labeled with a plate number, which is a bit annoying, and these designs were on two different plates. I finally remembered to have my stamp facing outward for pictures, and it worked well on my ring finger... but then my sea horse was upside down on my thumb! I'll get it right someday, lol. Thanks for looking!


  1. This is so gorgeous!!! :D I just found your blog and it is awesome! :D

  2. It has been a few weeks since your last post. I was hoping you'd post your 4th of July designs...but now I'm just hoping you post anything at this point! lol

  3. Thank you all so much :) Sorry I have been missing :(