Saturday, October 29, 2011

Last Halloween for 2011!

So - I wanted to save the best Halloween mani for last! I finally had some down time this weekend from school work, so I had the time to do this one. I was originally inspired to do this by Cosmetic Cupcake, who did a cute Halloween mani here, but I wanted to switch it up and do some different things.

To do this mani:

Thumb - Two coats of China Glaze Near Dark, a deep green from their Haunting Halloween collection for 2011. I used my white Two-Way Nail Art Pen and Brush, and used the brush side to create the stripes, and the pen side to do the swoops in between each line.

Index - One coat of Tropez Valentine. One coat of Nubar 2010. Then I used different sized dotting tools with Sally Hansen Black Out to create the spider and web. I added the legs using my It's So Easy, Stripe Rite nail art striper in black. I used the pen side of my Two-Way Nail Art Pen and Brush and added the eyes of my spider.

Middle - Two coats of Ulta Love My Blackberry. I painted white circles using Sally Hansen White On, then added a dot of In The Lime Light, then inside that a dot of Sally Hansen Black Out. To create the shine spots I used the pen side of my white Two-Way Nail Art Pen and Brush. For the veins I used my It's So Easy, Stripe Rite nail art striper in red. I saw this idea on Flickr here.

Ring Finger - Two coats of Sinful Colors Mint Apple. To do his hair I used Sinful Colors Secret Admirer, and I used this for the black of the eyes with my dotting tool. The whites of his eyes are Sally Hansen White On using a dotting tool. For his mouth I used my It's So Easy, Stripe Rite nail art striper in black. I have seen lots of cute Frankenstein's out there... but this particular one was inspired specifically from Cosmetic Cupcake's design I linked above.

Pinky - Two coats of Ulta Sun-Sational. I used my It's So Easy, Stripe Rite nail art striper in black to create the little trees and grave stone. I saw this idea on Flickr here. I should have drawn this the other way so it wasn't facing the opposite way of my spider and Frankenstein. oh well :)

Every design has a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat on it.


  1. Eeek! It's adorable! I especially love your little spider guy!!

  2. Was the eek because it is cute and scary at the same time?! Haha thanks! I love how it turned out!