Friday, August 31, 2012

Pastel Fishtail Mani

I was inspired to do today's mani from Kayla Shevonne - it is called a fishtail or braid mani, I've been seeing a lot of these lately. They are inspired by fishtail braids. I loved the colors she used so I had to try it! I really didn't do my best on this mani, it turned out okay... but for some reason I painted the design off to the side. I couldn't even get it straight when I was painting on my nails wheels! Plus my lines aren't very straight or even... but I thought I would share it anyway.

I went online and searched for "fishtail mani", and found a picture on how to paint the fishtail design. I started by painting my accent nails with China Glaze Lemon Fizz, followed by a diagonal strip of Zoya Lolly, then across the other way painted a stripe of China Glaze Peachy Keen, and then went back to Lemon Fizz and repeated it back and forth. Below is the picture I found:
I thought this was a really helpful guide! On my index finger is 3 coats of Lemon Fizz, middle finger is two coats of Peachy Keen, and my pinky is 3 coats of Zoya Lolly (a matte). I sealed everything in with a coat of Seche Vite. Thanks for looking!


  1. Yayy i love this one! Colors are perfect :)

  2. It looks great! Thanks for linking the tutorial, too, I'll have to try it!