Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lush Lacquer Hey Jack! and OPI Don't Touch My Tutu! Jelly Sandwich

Hi ladies! Have you heard about the new technique of using Elmer's Glue for glitter polish removal? I first heard about this technique from Wacky Laki, and was immediately excited! If you have ever worn glitter polish, I am sure you are familiar with the pain of removing it. Usually you end up with shreds of cotton balls stuck to your nails, or you have to soak your nails for a long time in acetone. I was actually recently talking to my friend Debby about the disastrous cotton ball mess of glitter removal, and she referred to it as cotton carnage! Lol! It's true though... the horrible removal usually stops me from wearing glitter.

Okay, back on topic... first I will tell you about what I am wearing, then I will tell you about the Elmer's Glue trick!

To do this mani I started with two very shear coats of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu! If I was wearing this on my own, I would absolutely need 3 or 4 coats, but since I was layering it I figured two would do the trick. This polish is a jelly from the New York City Ballet Collection.

Then I put on one coat of Lush Lacquer Hey Jack!, which is an indie brand of polish created by a mother/daughter team. You can purchase Lush Lacquer from their Etsy shop. I didn't have much trouble applying this polish, it was a bit on the thick side but that can be expected with glitter polish. I did have to push around the brush a bit to get a glitter placement I was happy with it overall - it's a fun Halloween themed glitter polish! This was my first purchase from Lush Lacquer, and I am quite pleased! Everything arrived safetly, and it took about 3 weeks for arrival (although their site clearly warns about that). I will certainly be a repeat customer.
I then followed the glitter with one coat of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu! and put a coat of Seche Vite on top to smooth everything out.
Okay, now to tell you about the Elmer's Glue trick. All I did was replace my normal base coat with a coat of Elmer's Glue. I cleaned out an empty bottle of Seche Vite with polish remover and poured my glue into the bottle. I put a coat of glue on my nails, and let it dry completely (about 5 minutes), and then continued to paint my nails like normal. I wore these nails for two days before I wanted to remove them, and all I had to do was lift an edge of the polish, and the polish peels right off without damaging your nail and best of all - no cotton carnage!

I didn't treat my nails any differently during this time, I still showered/washed my hands etc. and it didn't seem to make my nails chip. I did have one issue about 24 hours in, when I was out shopping and I could see my index finger getting loose, and it just jumped off! I was bummed out to be out with a nekkid nail... but I didn't seem to have any trouble with the other nails. Actually, when it was time for me to remove them, they still seemed pretty sturdy! Wacky Laki recommends using a cuticle pusher to help lift off your polish, but I was lazy and just sat on the couch while picking them by hand. It did the trick, but I am sure a cuticle pusher or something similar would work a bit better. If you give it a try, let me know if it works for you! Thanks for looking!


  1. Thank goodness for no cotton carnage! Love this glitter sandwich, too.

  2. Haha - cotton carnage is enough to ruin your day!! Thank you :)