Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Candy Corn Sponge Mani with Lush Lacquer Korny Candy

Hi there, today I have a candy corn mani that I just really didn't love, and really wouldn't photograph well! The below pictures are from my phone and my camera, I think I could get better pictures of the gradient with my phone on this one. It just all seemed to blend together in pictures, but it stood out so much better in person. One of the reasons why I was bummed with the final product is because I was cleaning up the sponging mess and cleaned too much, so bits of white show around the base of my nail. ugh!

To do this mani I started with one coat of Savvy French White White, and let it dry completely. Then I used a makeup sponge, and used the technique I used here by painting the yellow, orange and white on the flat end of the sponge and using it like a stamp, bouncing it up and down on my nail. The orange in this mani is China Glaze Orange You Hot? and the yellow is Ulta Sun-Sational.
After having this on for a few days, I got my Lush Lacquer package in the mail, and it contained Korny Candy, candy corn colored glitter! So I took a coat of it and put it on top. Lush Lacquer can be purchased at their Etsy shop. This is another cute polish, as you can see from my pinky it includes large hex glitters that seem a bit misplaced. Most of these had sunk to the bottom, but other than those random large white glitters, I really love this polish. 



  1. I love this mani with the candy corn glitter on top! And I agree, it's probably good that the giant hex glitters sank to the bottom, because I love that polish so much more without them! :)

  2. I agree... They just take away from how beautiful the glitter is without it! Next time I wear this I will probably apply it without those, lol.