Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dupes? OPI Don't Mess With OPI & Sinful Colors Envy

I wanted to compare OPI Don't Mess with OPI from the Texas Collection and Sinful Colors Envy from the Lone Star Collection. Can you tell the difference between these two?

Index & Ring: Don't Mess with OPI / Middle & Pinky: Envy

This is three coats of each polish, and the formula on these was pretty much the same. I think that I tried putting on the second coat when the first was still too wet, so it started to drag the polish. That's why I ended up using a third coat of polish, so that I could even it out. I think you could definitely get away with two coats for each of these.

Honestly, you have to REALLY try to see the difference between these two polishes. Side by side I think that Don't Mess with OPI is the tiniest bit lighter than Envy. Considering how similar they are, color AND formula, I would definitely purchase Envy. OPI runs about $8.50/bottle, and I got this Sinful Colors from Rite Aid for $1.99... it seems like a no brainer to me! The following are a few more comparison pictures painted as the same combination as above.

Indoor - no flash

Indoor - flash


  1. Wow! I see no difference whatsoever! And OPI can't even claim to have a better formula. Surprising!

  2. I know, they went on the exact same way. I love it!