Monday, February 6, 2012

Harmony Gelish Need a Tan & Silver Sand

A few months ago I got a Harmony Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish kit at Sally's. If you are unfamiliar with Gel Polish, basically it applies like a nail polish, but after each layer of the kit you need to cure the polish by placing it under an LED light or UV light. If done correctly, you can wear it for 2-3 weeks without any scratches or chips. You can go to a salon and get a gel manicure done for around $30. I first purchased the cheaper UV light they sell for around $16, however I didn't like that the cure time was about 3 minutes per layer. I got the LED light for Christmas, and so far I like it a lot better.

Anyway - I also got some new Gelish colors from my friend Debby for Christmas and after using them I just love how they turned out. I am planning on doing a tutorial with pictures of each step and more explanation at some point when I have the time, but I really just wanted to share these pictures! This two coats of Harmony Gelish Need a Tan, and one coat of Harmony Gelish Silver Sand.

After wearing the Gels for a little more than a week, I took a picture, below, to show how good they still look but you can see how much they have grown out. I got antsy after wearing this for a week and a half and took it off, but I really could have worn it for a lot longer based on how well it stayed on.