Sunday, February 12, 2012

Savvy Chocolate & Finger Paints Twisted

This is two coats of Savvy Chocolate, followed by one coat of the amazing Finger Paints Twisted - the beautiful new flakies by Finger Paints. I got all but one of the flakies in this collection, and at some point I will do a post on all of them. I think this is the best of the collection, with all of those colors!

I got a few bottles of Savvy nail polish at Sally's, I have never seen or purchased a bottle of this polish before but they had them up at the register on sale for $1! Of course, I had to buy myself a few bottles... who can resist polish that is only a dollar! Also, sorry that I made a mess when I was painting my nails - I guess this is what happens when I try to watch TV at the same time as doing my nails. Thanks for looking!

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