Friday, May 25, 2012

Black and Gold Microbead Mani

Today I have a mani that has been on my 'to try' list for a while! I am sure you have seen this type of mani before. It's been making it's rounds in the blog world, and there is a kit you can actually purchase from Ciate to do this, but it costs about $25. They call it a 'caviar mani'. However, many girls are actually going out to craft stores like Michael's and purchasing microbeads to do this! I got a pack of 6 different colors of microbeads at Michael's for $6.99. I have read that, as you can guess, this isn't the most practical mani! It's more of a special occasion deal, because the beads don't last forever. I actually was waiting to do this because I had a wedding coming up, and I choose black and gold because my dress was black, and my jewelry was gold.

To do this mani I started by adding one coat of Orly Liquid Vinyl to my nails. Then, one at a time I added a second coat, and dipped my wet nail into my mixed up black and gold beads.Then I pushed down the beads to help secure them onto my nail, and kind of rubbed off the beads that were sticking outside the nail. I actually didn't get a full clean up done before I took these pictures because I did them about 30 minutes before I had to leave! I wasn't sure how long they would really last. I was surprised how well these hung on though, I had lost some beads through the night, but honesty I could have worn this for another day if I wasn't making a cake the next morning! I thought it would be a bit odd for my mom to find microbeads in her birthday cake, lol.

The beads!

This is the necklace I wore with my dress!

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