Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dupes? China Glaze Snow Globe & China Glaze Make a Spectacle

Hi there! Sorry this is a little delayed, but when I reviewed the China Glaze Wicked Collection, I mentioned wanting to do a comparison of China Glaze Make a Spectacle (Wicked Collection, Halloween 2012) and China Glaze Snow Globe (Let it Snow Holiday Collection, 2011) because they look so similar in the bottle, see below. On the left is Make a Spectacle, and on the right is Snow Globe.

The photos below are over two coats of Zoya Raven. On my index and middle finger is one coat of Make a Spectacle, and on my middle and pinky is one coat of Snow Globe. Both applied really evenly and easily, however putting them over black - you can see just how different they are! The colors in both of these really surprised me. Snow Globe is packed with blue, turquoise, silver, pink? I'm not even sure... but it is surprisingly colorful! Make a Spectacle has an olive-y feel to it. I love the way the glitters shifted from green to gold. It's really interesting to look at!


The below photos are over two coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. Same as above, the glitters are one coat of each. On my index and ring finger is Make a Spectacle, and on my middle and pinky is Snow Globe. It's not as obvious how different these two are over white. They both have a really beautiful snowy look, and would be great in any wintry manis! Hope this was helpful, thanks for looking!

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  1. Wow that's so weird that they look so different over black but very similar over white

    1. I know, it really surprised me! I wasn't expecting it at all.

  2. I love comparison posts! But now, the question becomes...do I need both?