Friday, December 7, 2012

Ulta Set The Nude Dotticure

Hello there! Today I have a mani that was inspired by Kayla Shevonne. I really liked the colors she used on her version of this mani, so I tried to use similar ones. It's so different than what I would have picked out myself!

To do this one I started with two coats of Ulta Set The Nude, and then I added dots using Zoya Diana (red), Color Club Twiggie (green), and an OPI that is missing a label (olive) *edit* My friend Debby gave this to me and she said it's At Your Quebec and Call! I took the largest dotting tool that I had and on each finger I added one large dot in various spots and various colors. I tried to make each finger look different. My dotting tool wasn't quite large enough to make the dots the size I wanted, so I dotted around in a circle to increase the size... but unfortunately my big dots aren't perfectly round because of this.
I then added some medium and smaller dots randomly on the nail to fill it in. When I was done, I took the based color Set The Nude and added dots to the center of most of the bigger dots. I am mostly happy with how this turned out, although I wish my dots were more round. Thanks for looking!


  1. they look really pretty :) check out my blog if you have time!

  2. These came out really nice! Was that olive OPI one I gave you? I think it's At Your Quebec and Call.

    1. Thanks! I actually have no idea how this one came in to my possesion! I think you are right though, I googled it... it looks just like it! Nice call!

    2. I have a green OPI without a label, too, and I thought I gave it away, but it's still in my "to rehome" box! What is it about that one and the label falling off??